Montana Biological Survey (MBS) / Stag Benthics' Aquatic Ecologist Dave Stagliano, M.S. has been performing zoological/ecological studies in wetlands, streams & rivers for 28 years, the last 22 have been in the west (MT, ID, WY).

  • MBS specializes in field surveys (fish, mussels, amphibians and macroinvertebrates), laboratory processing and taxonomic identification of macroinvertebrates collected with current protocols from all regions in North America. 
  • MBS has one of the most respected taxonomists in the western region, trained & certified to work on USGS NAWQA samples in the mid-1990’s, he has processed and identified 1000's of samples from ID, WY and MT DEQ's, BLM, MTFWP, PIBO and EMAP.

Dave’s past and present project clients have included universities; local, state, and federal agencies, watershed groups and other non-profit organizations, environmental and engineering firms, the mining and energy industry, conservation groups, and Native American tribal resource departments (see Focal and Past Projects).

  • MBS uses appropriate state and federal protocols to provide robust field collection data.
  • MBS maintains an array of fish, mussel and macroinvertebrate sampling equipment to conduct standardized studies as part of stream monitoring programs, baseline assessments and determining stream restoration success.

Montana ​Biological Survey and Stag Benthics, SP


Small Budget Projects

It's hard to get the big consulting firms to pay attention to your small projects < $5,000, the overhead makes these un-profitable. MBS is nimble in assembling a field crew or processing your samples with quick turn around times.   

MBS can tackle projects on small travel budgets and is not afraid of getting dirty, even preferring camping to hotels, to keep our project costs lower than big consulting firms. 

Technical Support

​Additional Field Associates include fisheries scientists with M.S. and Ph.D's from Montana State University, a B.S. from UC Santa Barbara and multiple macroinvertebrate processors with B.S. in Environmental Studies from Carroll, the Univ. of Montana and MSU.

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